Beatles Book Monthly - Are they originals or reprints?

Mark Corrin Mark Corrin

I have now finished selling my collection of Beatles Book Monthly magazines and I still get asked questions asked by prospective bidders as to whether mags are originals.

Beatles Book Monthly - Are they originals or reprints?

Those I listed were all from the reprint run of the 1970's and 1980's and as such, in the spirit of honesty when dealing with The Beatles memorabilia, I have ensured the item descriptions state they are reprints at least twice. However, can you be sure the ones you are bidding on are originals or reprints? Most eBay sellers are honest and trustworthy but unfortunately, there are a minority that are not.

Striking similarities between originals and reprints

The problem with these magazine reprints is they look totally identical to the originals. The new reprints include between 4 and 8 pages of additional new material (dependant on issue number) but take these off and you have an exact copy of the original. Many fans did this as, like me, they could never have afforded a full set of the originals.

The challenge of distinguishing between reprints and originals

The only way to really tell between an original and a copy is to hold one in your hand. The paper quality on the reprint is higher gauge and more glossy. Of course, you can't tell this from a photo on Ebay. Although you can never be 100% the best rule of thumb is to only bid on those items that clearly state it is an original issue or a reprint. Whilst some originals will have been looked after, it is likely that most's condition will have deteriorated, so this a good pointer. Check those staples, if they are bright and shiny it's a good bet they are reprints, most originals will be showing some signs of age.

Significant value differences between originals and reprints

Also, remember originals are worth much more than reprints. A good original should cost between £5.00 and £10.00 with issues 1 to 3 being worth even more, whilst reprints are normal worth between £1.00 and £3.00.

Recent emergence of forged copies

I have recently received information a number of forged copies are turning up, many of which have been artificially aged to fool the buyer. Indications suggest these are being produced very slightly over-sized. You won't notice this by sight but it becomes obvious when they are amongst genuine issues. (Both originals and official reprints are exactly the same size)

Good Luck and happy bidding, just be careful!!!