50 Cent Memorabilia Buying Guide

Mark Corrin Mark Corrin

When buying memorabilia that has to do with an entertainer, a little forethought and research can go a long way toward you getting what you want. A wise shopper will soak up as much information as possible to be completely sure about something before purchase.

50 Cent Memorabilia Buying Guide

By gaining a little knowledge about collecting and following intelligent tips, you will be assured of finding some 50 Cent memorabilia that you will be proud to display. When you're looking for that perfect piece to add to the collection, buy informed, buy smart, and buy authentic.

Buying Smart

It's important to know the basics of collecting before you jump right into the game. Before you make any purchases, think more about what you want, and set some goals for the type of items you want and the cost you're willing to spend. If you think about what you want to get out of a rap or hip hop memorabilia, you will have a better chance of choosing one that satisfies you. Do your research before you buy any item to make sure you get what you want.

Collectibles come in many shapes and sizes, and they can vary in rarity from item to item. Age and rarity are the two biggest factors that influence collectibles' pricing. Make sure that you aren't buying something that was mass produced for an incredibly high price. Thoroughly researching the information for yourself can help avoid any problems.

Buying Online

When buying 50 Cent memorabilia online, it's always smart to research various sellers to determine the best one with whom to do business. On eBay you can check out the seller's star rating and read their feedback. By reading several reviews by previous buyers, you can get a better idea of how the transaction will flow. eBay's is great for music memorabilia because of the huge selection they have combined with the low prices you find.

Buying Used

If you are buying used collectibles, read the description carefully and take close look at all the pictures to see if the items bears any damage or if it is in top condition. Naturally, used items tend to be a little more banged up than brand new items, which can lower the value of the piece. However, the money you could save by buying used memorabilia is a good trade off. If the title or description of the item exclaims that it is in "mint" condition, be sure to check if this is the case.

When you're starting up your collection, buying used items is a great way to get started. If you want great 50 Cent collection, you'll want to begin with the little things at first. The bigger and more expensive items can be left for later, when you've already bought a few items and have a better understanding of value and the landscape. If you come across a used 50 Cent item that is rare and authentic, there could be a great opportunity to make a big addition to your collection while saving money.

Buying Authentic

It's always a good idea to authenticate your items before you buy them, or even after you've bought them. There are a number of third-party services that offer authentication of signatures and collectable items. It is probably in your best interest to take advantage of those. Always get a reputable authenticator to authorize your memorabilia, as this will help it gain value due to legitimacy. With apparel, there are often little signs within the clothing to help you authenticate them.

It's smart to buy from the most reputable sources you can find. On eBay, there are many sellers with stellar reviews that offer collectibles, so it will not take long to locate a good seller carrying 50 Cent merchandise.

Buying 50 Cent Memorabilia at the Right Price

The price of merchandise varies depending on the item itself. Age and rarity play a major role in the price of something, so if you've got a brand new 50 Cent album without a signature, it will just be worth the base value. If you come across and old 50 Cent mix tape or album with a signature, be sure to pursue it. Items that are old are rarer than newer ones, and with a signature on your collectible, the value sky rockets significantly. Prices are often a good indicator of the value of a piece of 50 Cent memorabilia, so do your research before you make any purchases. Look around for others like it, if you can find them, and compare prices.

Categories of 50 Cent Collectibles

50 Cent Posters

Be on the lookout for any photographs of 50 Cent or posters of past or present albums. You could also look for any albums that he has put out with G-Unit, because they've still got value. Try to focus on mint condition items because posters are fragile, and damaged ones usually don't last long in the wrong hands.

T-Shirts and Apparel

When you look for 50 Cent t-shirts, a key rule is: the older the better. There are also some items that can only be bought at certain concerts, so the more unique shirts are going cost more money. Always try to find signed t-shirts, as this ups the value immensely. Autographed items are difficult to find, but with eBay, you'll find them.

Albums and Mix Tapes

50 cent has put out many mix tapes and albums that make great additions to collections. If you want something of more value, focus on finding ones that fewer people have. 50 Cent and G-Unit put out many records back in the late 90s and early 2000s, and finding these records will be harder than getting the newer ones. This makes them higher in value solely based on the rarity of the item.


Autographs are a key component to any collection, as an autograph automatically increases significantly in value. It is best to authenticate the autograph before you purchase it. Many items sold today have machine-stamped signatures.

Machine-stamped or reprinted signatures are great for people that want 50 Cent's signature on an item but are not concerned if it is hand-signed or want to save money. If you are looking for an authentic, hand-signed signature, verify it. You can ask the seller questions and request additional pictures, as most good sellers are happy to help you. Ask if they have some verification or a certificate of authenticity for the autograph.

TV, Movie and Video

There is a lot of 50 cent movie memorabilia from his appearances in major movies, television appearances, and music videos. Like antiques, the older the film product and pieces of music memorabilia, the more awesome. Generally, the value goes up when the piece is in mint condition. So, look for clean, pristine, intact items that do not have frayed edges, chips, cracks, and tears.

Buying 50 Cent Memorabilia on eBay

eBay carries a wide selection of 50 Cent and G-Unit memorabilia, whether you're looking for collectible CDs and mix tapes, clothing, or autographed items. You can browse items with just a few clicks from the eBay homepage. Under the eBay logo at the top left, hover over "Collectibles and art" and click on "Entertainment memorabilia." On the resulting page, hover over "Music Memorabilia" and then click on "Rap and Hip Hop." On this page you can choose the type of memorabilia you are interested in, including photos, posters, stickers, and concert memorabilia. Once you have chosen a category, typing "50 cent" into the search box at the top of the page will give you listings of all the 50 Cent items in that category.


In the end, collecting music memorabilia on eBay all comes down to personal preference. Armed with knowledge and insight, you can be sure to find the pieces of 50 Cent memorabilia that will give you satisfaction for years so come. On eBay, not only will you find all sorts of cool memorabilia at discounted prices, but you will also find many sellers with beautiful and rare pieces that will add tremendous value to your collection.